Meaningful Life

Tammy Manko of Meaningful Life reached out to Planful for a custom logo design. Her goal is to create meaning through positivity, growth, and professional development. Meaningful Life is dubbed the best choice for keynotes, presentations, and professional development. Learn more about her business through her website.

Meaningful Life

Getting Started

The Planful design process always begins with a consultation. For this project, consultation was mostly through email, although it can also take place in person, over the phone, or through video chatting. Regardless of how an initial consultation starts, new clients always fill out a “new client assessment,” which asks for personal information so that your design can be completely customized. It is also a way for us to let you know whether or not Planful will be a good match for your project.

Tammy Manko

The First Draft

Based on the responses from the new client assessment, preferred imagery, and colors this was the first draft of the logo design. Although this initial design selection met some of her requirements, Tammy didn’t feel the connection she was hoping for and a second draft was made.

The Second Draft

The second draft incorporates her love of trees and the purpose of her business. After continued consultation, this second set of designs hit home, and Tammy was able to select the one that represented her the most. All that was left was finalizing the color.

Color Selection

Once Tammy chose the logo that was right for her, it was down to the fine details. For most Planful clients, color selection is the fun part of the process and represents the final leg of the race.

I was seeking a graphic designer to develop a logo for a new business I was launching. Planful was suggested to me and I found the Planful team to be open to hearing what my business is and what my goals, vision, and values are. The team was also open to my questions and responsive to my feedback so that they were able to design a logo that really represents my business, my person, and my brand. I would definitely work with Planful again and I recommend them to others seeking graphic design and marketing expertise. You can rely on Planful to be approachable, professional, and successful in meeting your graphic design/marketing needs.

Tammy Manko, Meaningful Life LLC

The Grand Finale

At the end of the project, Planful was able to make Tammy’s vision a reality, and a custom logo was created that represents her goal to create meaning through keynotes, presentations, and professional development. We really enjoyed working with Tammy and wish her the best of luck in her new business!