Why You Need a Professional Headshot

by Sarah Hillegas

What Does Your Profile Picture Say About You?

As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” If you’re not using a professional headshot for your brand and business profile picture we wonder, what does your profile picture say about you?


As we discussed in a previous blog post, a customer’s initial contact with your business could sway them to either invest in your services or, if it’s an unpleasant first contact, it could be an opportunity missed. Does the photograph that represents your brand or business say what you need it to say?

Set a Professional Tone

 Having a professional headshot of yourself for business and personal branding shows you take yourself and your business seriously. This professional tone may then assist in building trust with current and potential customers; customers see that you invested in yourself, making it easier for them to invest in you. Because of this, professional headshots are a great return on investment. Most importantly, when you trust yourself and your endeavors enough to have a professional headshot taken, it could increase your self-esteem and your confidence in your business.


Project Effortlessness and Organization

 Along with a professional tone, a professional headshot pulls your branding together by providing customers with a public, recognizable face that is polished. Jonathan Blanchard, of Sparks Ignite Photography, knows how to capture your best side, providing you with photographs that are flattering, seemingly effortless, and of high quality. What does this translate to? An organized, well-thought-out appearance telling your current and potential customers that you care about your business and, by extension, will care about them.


Improve Your Brand Recognition

Using a professional headshot as your profile picture across all social media platforms will help others recognize you more quickly. If you use any social media platforms for personal branding or business, having a photograph of yourself is crucial for brand recognition. This recognition should coincide with a professional, and overall effortless yet high-quality tone, as discussed above!


Book Your Professional Headshot During our Photo Phriday Event!

 Okay, now that you understand the benefits, it’s time to book your professional headshot session! Because we believe wholeheartedly that professional headshots are an excellent way to project a professional, effortless, organized tone, as well as improve your brand recognition with continuity, Planful and Sparks Ignite Photography are hosting an all day headshot event on Friday, June 9th. We recognize that time and money often act as barriers for professionals that need a quality headshot to use across social media platforms. This event is meant to ease those constraints with 10-minute time-slots and special VIP rates, making your branding and return on investment even easier. Learn more on our Facebook event page or purchase your tickets here. Not sure if you will have time this Friday? Walk-ins are welcome, too! We hope to see you there.