Five Reasons To Hire A Marketing Photographer Now

By: Amanda Wilson of Photography By Amanda Wilson

Amanda Wilson Planful's Marketing Photographer

Whether your business has experienced a full shut down or just a slow down from Covid-19, you’ve likely found yourself with more time on your hands to think about the future.  I’ll spare you the “unprecedented/uncertain times” speech. The reality for businesses and organizations is that we need to find a way to move forward with limited resources and an unpredictable timeline. We may not be able to control our current situation, but what we CAN do is make sure we are putting our best face forward and show people that we are ready to serve them when they can get to us again.  Fresh, professional photography is the BEST way to engage your past, present, and future audience. Here are five reasons why this is the perfect time to beef up and showcase what you have to offer by hiring a marketing photographer.

1. Time Of Year

Late spring and summer are great for exterior photos. If your business or organization has a physical location, providing exterior photos that show the street view, grounds, special features, and entrances gives visitors a sense of reassurance about what to expect when they arrive. During this time of year, flowering trees, plants, and greenery add vibrant energy to your photos that is hard to duplicate during the winter. Take advantage of what Mother Nature has to offer!

2. Empty Spaces

Empty spaces are easy to photograph! Scheduling and shooting marketing photos during normal business operations can be tricky because you need to be serving your customers during that time. While your business sits quiet, this is the PERFECT opportunity to have your facility and/or products photographed without having to worry about the photo shoot interfering with your customer’s experience.

3. Time Is On Your Side

You’ve got the time to take your time. A productive shoot takes a few hours to plan and execute. When you’re in the thick of normal daily tasks, it can be challenging to set aside time to make the most of your professional marketing photo investment. Use this slower time to leverage hours you normally spend as the “business worker” to being the “business owner” and make moves to get back on track.

4. Versatility

Professional photos are advertising that gets you the most bang for your buck because they are so versatile. Professional photography is like one stop shopping for your marketing budget. High resolution, professional quality images can be used seamlessly across all advertising platforms from your website to social media to printed materials and even incorporated into video slideshows. The right photos can give a detailed view of your product to shoppers or communicate a story that keeps your audience engaged.

5. Reopening Is Here

You need to ramp up for a strong reopening. Time is money, and right now a lot of organizations and businesses are facing months of lost time to fundraise, or sell products and services. No amount of government funding, if you were fortunate enough to receive any, is going to match what you could have been doing if 2020 wasn’t the year of coronavirus and murder hornets and blizzards. However, there’s a buzz for shopping options outside of big box corporations and experiences that are more personal and closer to home that we haven’t heard in a loooong time. People want to support independent businesses and invest in local communities. NOW is the time to show them what you have to offer.

Concerned about social distancing? There’s no need to worry. Planful’s marketing photographer, Amanda Wilson, has lots of practice with contactless photoshoots and follows all CDC guidelines from the planning consult to image delivery.

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