Planful Rebrands that Bloomed

By Nicole Danneker

Rebranding can be overlooked when you are busy operating your business. But, it is sometimes necessary to stay updated and competitive.  Rebranding is changing the corporate image of a company. This includes a new logo, website, social media strategy, and sometimes new employees or positions. Rebranding is an important tactic when a company is going through any kind of change, or if you are simply out of date. If you haven’t considered what a rebrand could do for your business, you should. Here are a few examples of Planful rebrands that bloomed.

The Indiana Massage and Lymph Clinic decided it was time to update their brand to more specifically target their market. The professional team of highly educated and experienced therapists strive to help relieve soft tissue dysfunction in persons who are hurting as a result of medical issues, car and work accidents, sports injuries, symptoms of stress, and other health concerns. Healthcare professionals refer many of the clients, but IMLC also works with anyone who is ready to heal. The team values self-improvement through continuing education and are willing to help each other as well as other providers to meet the needs of the client. Their logo needed to reflect this message and show true healing and recovery.

Our team chose an abstracted version of the “Triskele” symbol. This is a diverse Celtic symbol that can represent motion/healing/progress. Other meanings are spirit, mind, body and past, present, future.

Mohawk Lanes needed a logo update to reflect their fun attitude and business. With Planful Marketing’s advising, they went with a bright brand kit that showed playfulness and welcomed people of all ages. Their new branding catches the eye and makes clear the fun environment suitable for both family nights and nights out.

Kraisinger Family Dentistry was ready for a more clearly organized website, and to update their logo to be a clean, modern image. Planful Marketing communicated and worked closely with the Kraisinger team to design the exact image they wanted to represent their business. Their image streamlined all of their materials like business cards, client paperwork, appointment cards and was consistent with their website.

If you’re looking for a dedicated team of branding professionals, you don’t need to look any further. We’ll take the time to rethink your brand, so you don’t have to. Call us for a free consultation to discuss what your business could become.

If you’ve already done a rebrand, how did it help your business? Share with us!