Why Branding is Important (And How We Can Help)

By Catharyn Megan Pilch

Branding seems like one of those buzz words we marketers use that may not sound important, but it actually is one of the most crucial aspects of your business. So, why does it matter, and how do you get started?

Why is branding important?

Your brand is important for cohesiveness and for everyone, both staff and any advertisers, to know how the company should be represented whether on a screen or in print. This recognition builds trust, makes the company look professional, and keeps everyone on the same page. Having your staff on board is an important marketing tool. Crowdspring.com states that employees sharing your marketing messages will reach 561 percent more people than the company itself.

According to info.zimmercommunications.com, consistent presentation of a brand increases revenue by an average of 23 percent. To get that revenue you need to be visible. Brand consistency is three to four times more likely to produce brand visibility and five to seven brand impressions are needed for someone to remember your brand, according to Lucidpress.com.

The design you settle on can be more important than any written message you accompany it with. According to crowdspring.com, images are processed by people 60,000 times faster than words; therefore, many companies include a visual in their logo and the up and coming purchasing generation is scanning for that image you choose. IRI Worldwide states that 44 percent of US millennials think of themselves as loyal to the brands they buy.

Over time, your brand will be recognized and associated with your company values. The brand itself will gain customer loyalty and referrals for new customers. According to extole.com, a referral is five times more likely to result in sales than no referral.

Is it time for a rebrand?

There are a few signs that let you know when it may be time for a rebrand.

Perhaps your company goals and objectives do not align with the current message of your brand. Things change over time and maybe your company has changed direction or added products and services and your brand no longer fully encompasses what you are capable of providing.

  • The way you see your company and the way your audience sees your company does not match. For example, you see yourself as high-end, they see you as thrifty and cheap. Or perhaps you see yourself as an ease-of-use service but they see you as complicated and out-of-reach.
  • Company materials and visuals are outdated. Your brand was an attention-getter when it was created, but now new technology has left it behind or not easily transferable into new technologies and mediums.
  • You are not connecting with your target audience. Your brand is not gaining the attention of the people you want to provide your products and services to.
  • You think everyone is your customer. It is important to have a specific target demographic because each demographic interprets information differently. In order to market to your target, you must know what it is they value.  According to crowdspring.com, 91 percent of consumers stated they are more likely to buy from what they consider an “authentic brand” than from a dishonest brand, but the perception of what customers value as honesty changes between generations.

Not to worry, we can do this together

We offer branding services including the following:

  • Graphic design: We incorporate your existing brand into design materials online and offline to help strengthen your company message and visuals. Consumer Goods states that 32 percent of people become aware of products from brands’ websites or social media accounts.
  • Logo design: We can help you develop the right logo to attract attention. Crowdspring.com adds that just the right color can improve readership by 40 percent. Making messaging easier to read and more visually appealing. Crowdspring continues by pointing out that color is the first thing we register and what “pulls us in.”
  • Developing a complete brand strategy and identity: This includes your company objective, mission, voice, visuals, target audience and more.

If you have decided the time to begin or redesign is now, we are here to help. Contact us for a free consultation at 724.349.1942 or click here for more ways to reach us.