2019 Digital Marketing Trends

By Nicole Danneker

With the new year comes time to look at your digital marketing strategy with fresh eyes. Another year brings us another step into the advancement of technology, bringing more effectiveness in connecting with your potential and current audience. Staying on top of the digital marketing trends in 2019 will give your business credibility and a strong relationship with your consumers.

Below are few of the 2019 digital marketing trends you need to be aware of this year:

Content marketing – It’s getting personal

In short, content marketing is anything posted or shared online by your business. This includes video, blog posts, social media posts, newsletters, etc. Content marketing is not a new concept; in fact, it has topped the trend charts for the past few years. The difference is that we now have more information about our consumers than ever before. Using the information you gather from analytics and online databases (we’ll get to that later), you are able to connect with your audience during peak times and can even attempt to reach them emotionally through demographics and shared interests.

This outlet also gives you the chance to nurture relationships with your consumers through personalized interactions and consistency. Brand loyalty = more sales.

According to Alex Ionides of entrepenuer.com, “Research has shown that up to 63% of prospects have very little (or no) knowledge about a particular business before a sales rep makes first contact.” Content marketing allows your audience to be wellinformed and get to know your product/services.

Though it is important not to over-saturate your online presence, this marketing trend is still relevant, and more information is better than keeping your business a mystery.

Artificial intelligence (AI) doesn’t have to be threatening

When you hear the words, “artificial intelligence,” you might think of some apocalyptic sci-fi futuristic movies or stories, rather than how it is already being used in marketing. Chatbots and email automation are simple ways to include AI in your digital marketing strategy, as well as make your company more efficient and creative.

Chatbots are a way for people visiting your website to quickly have their questions answered and concerns addressed, without time being taken away from other duties. A chatbot can answer FAQs, direct contact information, and more. Chatbots can easily be set up connecting Facebook messenger. As stated in a recent industry report by Grand View Research, a market research database,The global chatbot market is expected to reach USD 1.25 billion by 2025, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.3%”

Follow simple directions here to see how your business’s website can join the trend.

Email automation is another useful way to use AI and to be more effective in your marketing. Instead of wasting marketing dollars on useless leads, this tool can increase your ROI and nurture consumer relationships by automatically contacting those who have given their email information on your landing pages.

Through this, you are able to see click-through and conversion rates, allowing you to learn which messages best reach your specific audience.

Empower your customer

One way to get free advertising is to encourage your customers to talk about your product with their own networks. Encourage tagging your brand on social media to make direct contact with you as well as get your brand name publicized. This also stimulates trust among your client base, fostering brand loyalty. Bernard May of National Positions says, “Brands that are more willing to interact with customers publicly will have a strong impact—and brands that can show how this engagement influences their products and services will make an even bigger impact.”


Vamp up with vertical video

People are constantly multitasking. A lot of times this means you only have one free hand, and it’s usually holding your phone.

Vertical video is a trend rising because people no longer want to have to turn their phones to watch a video. This means re-formatting the editing process for videos to be posted on social media, such as Instagram-Live TV  and Snapchat, which have a full vertical screen viewer and can reach a different audience than your usual following.

It is no surprise that video marketing is growing with today’s society obsessed with convenience and entertainment. But, with social platforms constantly changing, it is important to format your marketing video specifically to where you plan on posting it.

The Instagram and Facebook live video feature is another vertical platform that can be utilized by your business to advertise a new product, introduce new technology, answer questions, conduct interviews, and more.

Get a head start!

Be creative, inspiring, and effective in reaching your audience this year. Quality content and visuals combined with these tricks should get you off to a good start!

Do you have any other tips that have been working for your business? Let us know.