Marketing Tip: How Google Analytics Helps Improve your Website

By Jenn Clark

As marketers, we study and analyze each of our efforts for clients (and ourselves). Before digital marketing expanded as much as it has today, it was a little more challenging to determine how people were finding out about your company (without asking directly), and how well your content was resonating with existing and potential customers. Now, a variety of tools exist to dig deeper into your marketing tactics, and one of our favorites is Google Analytics.

In today’s vlog (video blog), Jenn goes over a rundown of how Google Analytics can help you improve your website. The Planful team has used this platform to help clients evaluate their websites, helping them decrease their bounce rate (the percentage of individuals who leave your site after viewing only one page) and increase the number of return visitors. It is a process, of course, but without seeing what is going on in the backend, it’s tough to know where to improve. Google Analytics, though, makes it possible.

If you’re new to this tool, here are some of the aspects you can begin reviewing first:

It truly is amazing how Google Analytics can help you improve your website, but you need to make sure to have it set up correctly first. You’ll want to make sure you and your team’s IP addresses are excluded from the reports in order to have as much accuracy as possible.

Don’t get us wrong; website reporting is tedious and is certainly not simple, especially as you begin to dig into actions taken on your site (abandoned carts, etc.), how well your digital ads are doing, referring sites, email campaigns, and more. However, helping you understand what’s going on and where to make improvements is part of what we do.

If you don’t have this tool for your site yet, you can get started here. Before you sign up, make sure you have easy access to the backend of your website or to your website designer/developer in order to get your site set up with Google Analytics. You’ll need to attach a tracking code to the header of your site in order for this work. It would be best to have an experienced digital marketer help you with this, but there are also plenty of tutorials online.

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime for any questions on how digital marketing can help your business grow. We always do the first consultation at no charge.