New Website, New Growth, Same Mission

By Jenn Clark

We’ve had an extremely busy summer thus far, but everything is moving along quite nicely for Planful. The P-blog was a little abandoned during the process, but it was all for good reasons. The site underwent some major construction at the end of May, and as we had other projects and presentations build up, it put our website revamp on hold.
Our goal was to have the website complete by the end of July, and we are happy to say we accomplished this due date with flying colors.

With our new website, we were also able to introduce our official logo and brand:
planful logo fb

logo - Copy


fb cover- coffee

While this is just a small sample of our new brand, we will be releasing our official Planful branding kit to help give you an idea of what we can do for you.

As we move forward with projects and prepare to also introduce a downloadable social media presentation for beginners, we want to know:
What is your brand’s biggest problem?

Our goal is to help you overcome those problems with upcoming professional coaching courses. Your answers will help us drive our courses.
Your comments and input are greatly appreciated to our own growth!

Here’s to helping you succeed and moving forward in our mission.

-J and S