Behind the scenes: Landing your first Client

By Jenn Clark

So, you’ve officially started your business, you have all the necessary paperwork, a logo, a website and you’re ready to start. But, there’s only one problem: you don’t have any customers.

How can you change this?

Landing your first client is all about using the contacts you already have. This means reaching out to family, friends, friends of friends, co-workers, and people you have met through networking. Once you have the chance to prove the quality of your work, other clients will follow-through with positive word of mouth, which is the best form of marketing for your business.

How did it work for us?

At Planful, our first client led to a domino effect of referrals without any formal advertising. Our first project was to create a survey for local businesses, administer the survey and collect the statistics for our local business improvement district. Due to our diligence and work ethic, we set the stage for a long-standing business relationship that greatly exceeded any expectations we had. As a result of rocking our first meeting, through holding mock meetings and discussing details in depth ahead of time, Planful landed a photo shoot with our local newspaper and a public ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Since then, we’ve had other successful results with clients as well. Check out how we’ve been able to help our local country club here.

How did you land your first client? Share your own story with us below.