Ways to Celebrate Mom with your Business: Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas

By Madison Tincha

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and is quickly becoming one of the biggest sales opportunities for your business. Mother’s Day marketing may not have made it on your to-do list, but we don’t think it’s too late to turn that around!

We’ve come up with a few last-minute Mother’s Day marketing ideas to help celebrate the leading women in your customers’ lives!

Host a Mother’s Day Event

Mother’s Day is a big day for going out, whether that be to a restaurant or to go shopping. Why not give the moms a little bit of both? Create the perfect brunch and appetizer event at your store. This allows time for customers to shop around and enjoy themselves.

Bonus tip: Have a station where an employee is taking polaroid photos of customers. Include a table of different props to make the photos extra fun!

Gift Sets

Gift sets are a great way to appeal to every demographic. Often times, customers have a difficult time figuring out what to get someone and gift sets are the go-to. Moms can especially be hard to shop for. How do you buy a gift for someone who seems like they have everything?

Bonus Tip: For a few extra dollars, offer gift-wrapping services!

Expedited Shipping

Much like your Mother’s Day marketing waiting until the last minute, shoppers often do the same when it comes to this holiday. Instead of discounting your products, promote your business’s fast shipping or even offer a slight discount on shipping. They’ll appreciate your business for doing so and may become a regular customer in the future.

Email Marketing

Use your business’s email marketing system to let customers know about any Mother’s Day specials your business is running. Ensure a higher open-rate by making your subject line and content straight to the point. Something like, “Open for Sweet Mother’s Day Specials” or “Mother’s Day Coupons Inside!”

Bonus tip: Include an extra special holiday coupon for new subscribers. This is a great way to grow your email list!

Social Media

Social media is a great way to market all of the ideas we mentioned above and to interact with your customers. Create Mother’s Day themed hashtags, prompt customers to share photos with their mothers, comment their favorite stories with them.

If you aren’t behind, what Mother’s Day marketing ideas will you try this year, and what has worked for you in the past?